How to choose the right Relay Board for you?


In order to help our costumers, Intelligent-Appliance Support team developed a new KNOWLEDGE BASE that give full information for Development Engineers, Installers in the field and for Software Engineers. This KNOWLEDGE BASE Include: Data sheets User Manuals FAQ Wiring Diagram The new KNOWLEDGE BASE also have two Useful tools, Selector Guide and Software section. The selector guide show in one page all Intelligent-Appliance products. you can easily select which Features you need: Main Control: USB, RS-232, RS-485, IP, Wireless. Amount of channels: Inputs and Outputs. I/O Type: Digital, Analog, Relay. Relay Type: AC Rate, DC Rate, SPDT, SPST, SSR. Dual / Quad pole Multiplexer The Software section include: Free Downloadable Open Source Code Example in C#, C++,, VB5 and VB6 Class Library API (Application Program Interface) National instruments Labview Drivers Application Software such as Relay Control Time Scheduler Software for Real Time and Relay Contro Command Line Program USB Drivers Software Utilities for easy settings, General Configuration and Operation. For more information or feedback, don't hesitate to contact our development and support team.

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