Isolated USB-based Stepper Controller Driver

With step resolution of 3200 Steps per Revolution and Current rate of 2 Amperes per Phase, controlled by an Isolated USB port the IA-3352-U Stepper Controller makes a simple, low cost, easily implemented motion control solution

This new IA-3352-U Stepper Controller Driver is a compact sized, small weight, DIN-Rail plastic enclosed, updated version of the original PMD-51031R Driver. The IA-3352-U can be software configured and controlled by its USB communication port, or it can be stand-alone operated while using its on board nonvolatile memory, 3 Digital Input channels, Limit Switch Input channels and two Relay Output channels. This multimode Stepper Controller Driver can be operated as a Pulse & Direction Driver as well, and it can be operated manually by GO & Direction "Dry Contacts" inputs. The new IA-3352-U Stepper Controller Driver is Intelligent-Appliance Series-3000 software compliant, supported by a wider software support package that includes Series-3000 Open Source samples, Visual Studio Library and Superior-Solution dedicated Motion Control software programming, running and configuration utilities.

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