EKI-3541S / EKI-3541M

Advantech Launches Two New 10/100T to Fiber Optic Industrial Media Converters

Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group is pleased to announce the launch of two new SC Type Fiber Optic Industrial Media Converters. The EKI-3541M is a multi-mode version which can send data over a distance of 2 km and the single-mode EKI-3541S can send data over 30 km.

These compact devices with simple plug and play installation ensure that network administrators get up and running quickly and easily. In the event of a fault on the device network administrators are instantly alerted, through the use of Link Fault-Pass technology. Which sends the error signal through whichever port is still available. The compact size also allows the devices to be installed in a small cabinet, thereby making the most of the available space.

Having been designed for use in a wide range of environments these models have been IP40 certified, so that they won’t be damaged by excess water and have an operating voltage range of between 8.4 to 52.8VDC so that they spikes caused by low power won’t affect the device’s performance.

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