Online-Devices is a professional, high technology online provider specializing in high quality industrial communication products, Data Acquisition I/O modules, USB Relay Controllers and Motion Control items.


Online-Devices offers high quality electronic equipment made by leading manufacturers around the globe, such as Advantech eAutomation, Superior-Solution and Intelligent Appliance at a significant low price, while special discounts have been defined for academic institutes, scientific laboratories, etc.


Some very popular applications for our products are: Electronic Manufacturing Assemblies, Automatic Test Systems, Automatic Data Acquisition Systems, Medical Automation, Control Vehicle Systems, Engineering and manufacturing excellence, Emissions Control, Machine Automation and Control, Automobile Manufacturer, Candy Manufacturer, Smart Home, Home Systems, Custom Home Systems, Custom Commercial Systems, Home Control System, Multi-Room, Controlling home entertainment, Fire Safety, Torque Measurement, Control and Monitoring and also in the Solar Panel Industry.


We support various projects from small amounts to very large quantities. We emphasize flexibility and keep an open mind to special requests. All our customers enjoy excellent service, efficient technical support and fast responses. Check your Feedback page and add yours.


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