Customer Feedback





    I appreciate your follow up.


    I was able to get the drivers and start running again.


    I have many of your modules and I am very happy with the performance.




    John Jr S.

Cisco Systems, Inc.




    Cisco purchases the IA-2104 and the IA-2115 8-ch Isolated Input, 8-ch 30VDC, 2Amp SPDT Bussed Relay,


    USB Powered & Controlled for Test and measurement equipment.







      Hello friends,


    I have completed the online survey.


    So far we’ve used only one of ordered units.


    We are very satisfied with the performance and quality of your product.


    Just the fact that you care to inquire, and that I am glad to respond, speaks volumes.


    We will let you know if we notice anything out of ordinary during other two units






    Best regards,


      Goran J.


    Production Development Manager


    Fluke Vertriebsges.m.b.H.








    Fluke Vertiebsges purchases the IA-3137B-U 16-ch Power Relay, 2-ch Isolated Digital Input, USB Controlled,


    Independently Wired, USB Relay. It is used on a testing rig. It manages multiple primary and secondary windings on


    a transformer, as well as inputs and outputs of measured and measuring devices





Just started playing with the hardware you supplied.... EXCELLENT stuff! Two hours after taking it out of the box I’ve chained an input and an output board and am clicking a relay from my own code by monitoring a switch.



I’m sure I’ll need some help at some point but right now it’s looking brilliant.








Marcus E. works for a ABERLINK Innovaitve Metrology in UK.

They tested our IA-3123-U2: 64-ch Digital Input IA-3000 Daisy-Chain Series
and hope to expand their sales.





       Hello Jasmine! 

    My apology for the lapse.

    I finished the previous project using the lA-3127 USB Relay Controller.

    It's proven to be a wonderful device

    Love your product and love the way you guys do business.

    You are the exception compared to US suppliers.

    I turned the board over to our software designer and we both agreed it's a beautifully

    designed and constructed board.


    We have something else coming up soon and I will need a small initial order of about
    5 or 6 units with your mounting brackets.
    This order should be placed in the next couple of weeks.
    Thereafter, we hope for more frequent and larger orders.
    Again, sorry for the way overdue response.


    Best Rgds,


    Scott E.


    Scott E. works for a major candy and vending firm in California.

    They tested our IA-3127-U 24-ch, 2 Amp Relay, 24-ch Digital Input, USB Relay Controller board 

    in Mac based vending machine then implemented 26 units.