Industrial Wiring Terminal Board with CJC Circuit

  • Low-cost screw-terminal boards
  • Onboard CJC (Cold Junction Compensation) circuits for direct thermocouple measurement.
  • Reserved space for signal-conditioning circuits, such as a low-pass filter, and more.
  • Industrial-grade screw-clamp terminal blocks for heavy-duty and reliable connections.
  • Supports PCL-818 series multifunction cards
  • Nylon standoffs, screws and washers included for easy mounting
  • Dimensions (W x L): 169 x 112 mm (6.7" x 4.4" )


Delivery: Stock to 3wk

The PCLD-8115 screw-terminal board offers convenient and reliable signal wiring for multifunction cards with 20-pin flat cable connectors or DB37 connectors, such as the PCL-818 series cards. PCLD-8710 is designed to match multifunction cards with 68-pin SCSI-II connectors, such as the PCI-1710/1710L/1710HG/1710HGL/1711/1711L/1716/1716Lcards.This screw-terminal board also includes cold junction sensing circuitry that allows direct measurements from thermocouple transducers. Together with software compensation andlinearization, every thermocouple type can be accommodated.