HMI Software for Data Acquisition & Control

  • Complete software package
  • Graphic panel configuration
  • Easy task design
  • BasicScript scripting language to customize your applications
  • Easy connection with ADAM I/O series
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows NT 4.0
  • SP4 or above, Windows 2000, Window XP, Win'7


Delivery: Next Day

We have noticed that many users apply the ADAM Data Acquisition modules in small base projects. Because the cost ran higher than system hardware, Human Machine Interface software were never suitable for these projects. ADAMView, the ADAM Data Acquisition software, is especially designed for low-volume ADAM projects. It provides a 150 physical points database, ADAM Drivers, for all monitoring and control functions. In brief, ADAMView is a cost-effective and simple SCADA software for the ADAM I/O series, to be used as Automation Software.