2 Channel Power Relay 2 Channel Isolated Digital Input USB Powered and Controlled

  • Two SPDT Form C, 8 Amp power relays
  • Two Isolated Digital Inputs
  • Selectable Non Isolated Dry-Contact Inputs
  • Event count inputs


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The IA-2122 is a dry contact I/O device, USB powered and controlled, with event counting ability. The IA-2122 includes two Form C power relays, two digital inputs that may be used both as dry contact inputs and as TTL digital inputs. Operating the IA-2122 is most simple. Its software support includes an API library, software examples and software utility for simple setting and configuration. The IA-2122 can be easily controlled by ASCII commands, using popular IA-3000 series command set, and moreover, it can be controlled by any RS-232 program written for the IA-3000 series.