2 Channel Relay, 3 Channel Digital Input & Event Counter, USB

  • Two SPDT form C relays
  • Two (or three) “Dry Contact” inputs
  • Auto Report on Digital Input Status Change
  • One digital I/O Channel
  • Up to three event count inputs


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The IA-2522 is a dry contact I/O device, USB powered and controlled, with stand alone capabilities like digital logging high speed event counting. The IA-2522 includes two form C relays, with “Normally Close” and “Normally Open” contacts, Two digital input that might be used as “Dry Contact” inputs, Digital inputs and event counting inputs, and one digital I/O channel that may be used as one of the above or as an output with an ability of sinking up to 200 mA. The first two Digital Inputs may be monitored by Polling or by a built in option named "Auto Report on Input Status Change".
Operating the IA-2522 is most simple. It’s software support includes an API library, examples for common software languages and software utilities for simple configuring and testing. The IA-2522 can be easily controller by simple ASCII commands, using popular IA-3000 series command set and more over, may be operated by existing RS-232 program!