32-ch 2Amp Relay, USB Relay Controller Board

  • 32 SPST Relays
  • 2A @ 30VDC, 1A @ 125VAC
  • Max. Switching of 240VAC
  • Simple operation
  • Open Source Code Samples
  • Setup & Operation Utilites
  • High Featured Command List
  • Local and Global Commands
  • Watchdog Protection, Onboard
  • 256 Modules per a Single Port
  • IA Daisy-chain series, compatible
  • Pluggable Connectors, Optional
  • DIN-Rail Mounting Ready


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The IA-3131-U is an Industrial 32 Relays Controller board, a significant member of the Intelligent-Appliance IA-3000 Series. This 32-ch USB Relay Board includes high quality relays with a contact rating of 2 Amp @ 30VDC, 1Amp @ 125VAC and a maximum switching voltage of 240VAC. Controlling the IA-3131-U is a most simple and joyful task. The software support package includes most featured commands as well as testing and Operation Utilities. The IA-3131-U, USB Relay Controller Board, is based on a most reliable USB Port, Implemented as a Virtual COM Port, granting the simplest adapting method, for both present and future Operation Systems, as no code change is needed. Update USB Drivers are and will always be available, online. The IA-3131 Module’s Address as well as all relays’ states may be easily defined by software, while their status can be monitored both by software and by onboard indicators. Up to 256 IA-3131 modules, or any mix of Intelligent-Appliance modules may be easily controlled by a host computer through a single PC Port , as each Module includes an additional RS-232 COM Port for easy and trustable chaining. Attention: IA-3131-U2i is defined as a preferred item providing a better delivery time.