2x32 Dry-Contact Relay Multiplexer Board, 64in/2out or 2in/64out, USB

  • 32-ch Relay Multiplexer
  • USB Powered** and Controlled
  • Operates a single Relay at a time
  • Dual '1 out of 32' Selection
  • Dry-Contact Multiplexer
  • Easily Expanded
  • IA-3133-2 optional Expansion Units
  • Multi-Drop System
  • Up to 256 Modules per System
  • 2 Amp @ 30VDC Contact Rating
  • Secured 'Break-before-Make' operation
  • DIN-Rail Mounted, ready


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The IA-3133L-U is a USB 32 Relays dual pole multiplexer board with 2 out of 64 selection ability, in 32 states. Its onboard firmware ensures a single relay activation in a `break before make` sequence. Other family members, as the IA-3133-U2i, can better serve as 2 to 64 Channels, with the ability to operate more than a single relay at a time. The IA-3133L-U is both powered and controlled by its USB port, with an onboard watchdog secured operation. The IA-3133L-U is Series-3000 compatible, with the same software support including easy operation utilities and open source samples.