8-ch Buffered Analog Output, RS-232

  • 8 Analog Outputs
  • Predefined Power-up Status
  • Watchdog
  • Reference Input
  • Independent Range Setting
  • Long Distance Operation

The IA-3307 RS-232/422/485 eight analog output module can operate 8 external analog devices on a serial network. All output lines has configurable and independent output range. It has one input which functions as a reference input or emergency input - switch depended. When configured as reference input, all IA-3307 outputs are relatively changed while keeping output values ratio. This special feature is useful for some real world applications When configured for emergency input, the IA-3307 will set all its output lines to 0V in case the emergency input is active. The internal watchdog is an additional feature that make the IA- 3307 reliable even in harsh environments.