8-ch 2Amp@30VDC Relay, USB Relay Controller Module

  • 8 Relays
  • USB Powered and Controlled
  • N.C Output Option
  • Small footprint
  • DIN Rail mounted
  • Relay Status LEDs


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The IA-3308-U is tiny and intellgent 8 relays module, Powered and Controlled by any USB port. On up to 2 relays the N.C contact may be chosen as a relays output instead of the N.O contact, by an internal jumper. The common line is shared between each 2 relays, to ease the wiring eforts. The IA-3308-U is one of the IA-33XX Tiny modules series, providing 8 relays, with powerhandling of 2Amp @ 30VDV, while statu of each relay is localy displayed and may be easily set by suplied software. The module is software compatible to the IA-series.