68p SCSI, 50p Flat, 24-ch Signal Wiring, Leds

  • 68 pin SCSI connector support*
  • 50 pin flat cable connector support
  • 24 signal lines (Opto-22 format)
  • Pull-Up resistors on each line
  • Status indicator led on each line
  • +5v indicator led
  • Screw terminal block
  • PCI-1751 I/O Expansion Unit


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The TBL-6822 Universal Screw Terminal Board has been designed to provide an ‘easy to use’, yet powerful means, for wiring Digital I/O Signal lines. The TBL-6822 connector supports industrial standard pinout (Opto 22). This board provide a Status Display Led on each Digital Line and a Pull-Up resistor, on each line. These Pull-Up resistors contribute a better determined logic state, that would improve the system’s performance at noisy environment. 68 pin SCSI-II connector was designed to provide most economic PCI based digital I/O solution while combining the TBL-6822 with Advantech PCI-1751 digital PCI card and PW-542-091-1 68 pin flat cable. The TBL-6822 is capable of handling 24 digital I/O lines out of 48 lines included in the PCI-1751 card, or it can handle 21 leading digital lines #1 to #21 while lines #22 to #24 can be used as counter #0 to #2 CLK inputs. Supported Cards PCL-722,PCL-724,PCL-731,PCM-3724,PCI-1751* * 24 pin Digital I/O Support * Opto 22 is a registered trademark of Opto 22