RS-232 Based, 3 Amp Stepper, Motor Driver/Controller

  • 400/4000 Step Resolution
  • Sine Wave-like drive signal
  • Simple and Easy RS-232 Controlled
  • Built-in Stand Alone operation
  • Built-in Go/Clock/Dir Switch Inputs
  • Limit Switch secured operation
  • Simple Software Control Utility
  • 6-ch General Digital I/O
  • DB9 Cable include


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The PMD-51031-R is a low cost RS-232 based 3 Amp/ph Stepper Driver, with 3 Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs, in addition to 2 Limit Switch and one Reference Inputs. Test operation of the stepper may be done locally, on both directions, without the need of an RS-232 source. Limit Switches may be of either Normally Open or Normally Closed nature, and should be defined by the user. 5 Leds provide a local indication on the power, motor and limit switches status. Step Resolution may be selected between 400 to 4000 Steps per Revolution (20 micro step per step), while the current is adjusted by both jumpers and a potentiometer, in order of getting a better resolution at the lower range.