IA-Scheduler - Version 1.0

Intelligent-Appliance Relay Control Time Scheduler Software for Real Time Operation, free software

  • support IA-1204
  • support IA-2104, 2115, 2116, 2122
  • support IA-3088, 3124, 3127, 3128, 3131
  • support IA-3304

The IA-Scheduler is a time activation program, provided to Intelligent-Appliance users, as a free supporting tool. The Relay Timer Software is capable of controlling the relays according to user preset of Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second. Relay operation task may be set as a Date task, Day of Week task or a Daily task. The IA-Scheduler is a Relay Control Timer Free Software, that enables both Immediate Manual Activation/Operation as well as Time Activation/Operation. The software may be used to operate up to 32 Relays, with contact rating of 2 to 16Amp at 30VDC as well as at 240VAC, Relay Controller depended. This 1.0 Software Version is fully operational, and includes operation instructions as well as a basic Help system to help making it work for our customers. In case that you don't have an Iintelligent-Appliance Relay module, on hand, you may get an impression of this software by pressing the "Demo" button.