16-Channels Industrial RS-232 Relay Controller 16-Channel Isolated Digital Input, Intelligent-Appliance Multi-Drop Series

  • 16-ch SPST / SPDT Relays
  • 16-ch Isolated Digital Input
  • Wide Digital Input Range
  • GND and Positive Input Signals
  • Onboard Dual Watchdog Protection
  • Open Source code samples
  • Simple Transparent Chaining
  • Setting and Operation Utility
  • DIN-Rail mounting ready

The IA-3116-2 is an industrial Relay controller with 16-ch Isolated Digital Input, RS-232 controlled. The IA-3116-U2-i includes Isolated USB port, for better isolation between the host computer to the Factory floor, 16-ch 2Amp Relay, 16-ch Isolated Digital Input with a dual operation method and a transparent chaining capabilities. The IA-3116-2 includes a dual watchdog protection circuit, powered by 24VDC or 12VDC source, and includes a DIN-Rail mounting fixture. The IA-3116-2 software package includes Setting and Operation utilities, as well as open code software sample for fast system integration.