IA-LabView Driver

LabView Driver for Intelligent Appliances at Free of Cost

  • LabVIEW 2010 or new
  • Copy the folder: IA-3xxx, to Instr.lib and start work
  • Controls the following modules: IA-1622, IA-2122, IA-3302, IA-3304, IA-2114, IA-2115, IA-3088, IA-3135, IA-3116, IA-3118, IA-3126, IA-3117, IA-3127, IA-3128, IA-2104, IA-3308, IA-2116, IA-3134, IA-3137, IA-3138, IA-3154, IA-3157, IA-3158, IA-3131, IA-3133, IA-3174, IA-3178, IA-4131, IA-3123, IA-2117

Work and integrate Intelligent-Appliance IA modules with National instruments LabView Software. Why LabView? 1. Easy integration of our instruments into existing software applications. LabView instrument drivers simplify instrument control and reduce test program development time by eliminating the need to learn programming protocols for each instrument. Because LabVIEW instrument drivers maintain a common architecture and interface, you quickly and easily connect to and communicate with your instruments with very little or no code development. Moreover, with the standard programming model of LabVIEW instrument drivers, your customers can easily add your instrument to their test system without worrying about learning new communication protocols or spending time understanding new programming paradigms 2. Ensured future compatibility - Because LabVIEW integrates new technologies like .NET, web services, connectivity to databases, and internet connectivity as they emerge in the industry, your software offering of LabVIEW instrument drivers instantly gains future technology adoption. 3. Same interface for over 15 years