2-ch Relay, 2-ch Dry-Contact, Power over Communication

  • Simple POC Solution
  • Dual 5Amp Relay
  • Dual “Dry-Contact” inputs
  • Environment/Machinery Sensors port
  • Communication over one Km
  • Self-powered system
  • Ethernet, USB or RS-232 controlled
  • DIN-Rail Mounting Ready
  • DOT.net Software Support


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The IA-5102 is a simple POC solution, Power over Communication line solution, that is mainly used to monitor and control a semi-intelligent or non-intelligent systems, like widely spread Factory Floor or a group of buildings that should be monitored and controlled by a central PC. The IA-5102 system is made of Master unit that interfaces to the PC via Ethernet, USB or RS-232 port, providing the system with its needed power, and several Slave units that serve as I/O devices. The IA-5102 Slave unit includes a high speed communication port with a communication range of over one Km long. It includes two contact protected Power Relays, two “Dry-Contact” Inputs and a device expansion port that supports Temperature, Humidity, Speed and other Machine and Environment sensors. Wiring task, of the IA-5102 devices is basic and secured, as it makes use of standard LAN cable and connectors. Attention should be paid on an absolute Separation that must be kept between the IA-5102 lines to any LAN or other IEEE standards lines, as many new standards may be found, that are very much differ from each other, while a wiring mix between different methods might cause a fatal damage to the online instruments and devices. An alternative wiring method is available too. Wiring may be alternatively done by wiring pins #7 to #10, on each device, to pins #7 to #10 on the next device, instead of making use of the RJ45 connectors. The IA-5102 software support includes DOT.net Library, setting and configuration utility and open source software examples for fast and easy system implementation.