48-ch Digital I/O and 3-ch Counter PCI Express Card

  • 48 TTL digital I/O lines
  • Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI (every port with nibble)
  • Buffered circuits for higher driving capacity than the 8255
  • Interrupt handling capability
  • Timer/Counter interrupt capability
  • Supports both dry and wet contact
  • Keeps the I/O port setting and DO state after system reset
  • BoardID switch
  • Pattern match interrupt function for DI
  • "Change of state" interrupt function for DI
  • Programmable digital filter function for DI


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Advantech’s two new PCI Express DIO cards provide both 5V/TTL compatible DIO and counter/timer on the same card, therefore saving the need to buy additional cards in areas that have a limited number of slots. The PCIE-1751 has 48 channels and the PCIE-1753 has 96 channels and are capable of performing tasks for many industrial features such as dry and wet contact; digital input filter to filter signal noise and improve data accuracy; pattern match interrupt; changes of status interrupt; and additional counter/timer channels. Through the use of interrupts the card removes the need for the CPU to continuously check the changes in status and pattern matching, thereby ensuring that users can get better system performance. PCI Express has been available in commercial PC’s for a long time and is becoming more common in industrial machines and since these PCIE cards use the same underlying bus connections, there is no need to redevelop software specifically for them and users can transfer their legacy systems to the new interface without any inconvenience. Since the PCI Express bus is similar to the standard PCI bus, these cards can be configured using the same DAQNavi software. To help with the development of configurations and applications Advantech provide a range of options such as an SDK which works with: Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Delphi, BCB, LabVIEW, QT and Java. Also included is the integrated utility, Advantech Navigator, which provides configuration, function testing, documentation and many practical coded examples.