4-20mA, Up/Down, Loop Controller

  • Dual 16bit Analog Input channels
  • 4-20mA Current reading ready
  • Delta-Sigma Technology
  • Accuracy 0.1%
  • 2-ch ‘Dry-Contact’ Inputs
  • 2-ch 5Amp Relay contact rating
  • Master/Slave operation
  • Dual use USB port
  • Onboard watchdog protection
  • High noise immunity
  • Din-Rail mounting ready

The IA-3741-U is a Multifunction Industrial Control module that includes two Analog Input channels, two Digital Input channels two Relays and an on board Microcontroller that is capable of managing these functions as a USB controlled Slave System or as a Stand-alone System. The Analog Input converters are of 16 bit resolution, Delta Sigma Technology, with a channel accuracy of 0.1%. The Relays contact rating is 5Amp @ 30VDC and 5Amp @ 250VAC. The software support package includes Dot.net Library, Open Source code examples and an operation utility for fast system integration.