96 Channel Digital I/O Controller, USB Port, Wide Digital Input Range, TTL/LVTTL Output

  • Isolated USB port
  • 96 Digital I/O channels
  • TTL/LVTTL/24V signal handling
  • High current output
  • “Dry-Contact” Inputs
  • Positive/Negative Logic
  • Selectable Input pull-ups source
  • Onboard watchdog protection
  • High noise immunity
  • Pluggable terminal blocks
  • Din Rail mounting ready
  • Monitor and control


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The IA-2662-Ui is an Isolated USB port Digital I/O Controller with 96 TTL/LVTTL Channels, and Pluggable Screw Terminals for easy wiring and testing. The IA-2662-Ui Digital Outputs are capable of sinking or sourcing 24mA at its ‘T’ version, while at ‘N’ version they are capable of sinking 300mA on each output, 70mA while all outputs on. The IA-2662-Ui is capable of handling both Positive and Negative Logic Input signals, while the input pull-ups might be switched to Positive or GND in order to fit customers sourcing circuit. Input protection circuits enable secure operation on a wide voltage range of over +/- 30Volts. The IA-2662-Ui internal circuits may be operated on 5V supply or 3.3V supply in order to best fit customer’s needs. Both supplies are on board, ready to run. The on board Pluggable Screw Terminal blocks includes 8 signal bits each, providing an easy wiring, easy rewiring, easy interchanging and most efficient space management without the need for additional wiring boards. The IA-2662-Ui software support includes DOT.net library, open source examples and software utilities for fast system implementation.