32-channel Industrial Ethernet IP Solid-State Relay board

  • 32-ch DC Solid-State Relays
  • 1Amp @12-30VDC, 2Amp Pulse
  • TCP/IP or UDP Controlled
  • DHCP or Static Address Operation
  • Built-in Web Page for a simple Set-up
  • RS-232 Expansion Port
  • Small Footprint
  • DIN-Rail Mounting ready
  • Long Relay Operation Life Time.
  • Low cost RS-232 version, see IA-3121-2


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The IA-3121-E is an Industrial 32-ch Solid-State Relay board, Ethernet TCP/ IP Controlled, with an RS-232 expansion port, allowing non-IP controllers to be chained and controlled while sharing the same IA-3121-E IP Address. The Solid-State Relays are capable of handling DC Powered Loads in a Voltage range of 12 to 30 VDC, Sinking a current of up to 1 Amp per channel. AC Load is NOT supported. The main advantage of Solid-State Relays is incomparable Long Operation Life, Fast Respond, Silent Operation and best fitting Inductive Loads. The IA-3121-E may be referred to as a High Power 32-ch Digital Output Module, with an Open-Drain Output Stage and an output current capability of up to 1 Amp on each channel. It has a small footprint, 136 x 147 mm, and it may be easily DIN-Rail Mounted. Screw Mounting kind is possible as well.