TCP/IP Ethernet Relay Controller, 16 Relays, 16 Digital Inputs and 8 Analog Inputs

  • TCP/IP port
  • 4-ch SPDT Relay
  • 12-ch SPST Relay
  • 8-ch Analog Input
  • 2-ch are Current/Voltage Selected
  • 16-ch Isolated Digital Input
  • 2-ch Event Counting option
  • Digital Filter on all Digital Inputs
  • Auto Report on input change
  • Onboard watchdog protection
  • High noise immunity
  • Din-Rail mounting ready


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The IA-3146A8-E is a TCP/IP port Multifunction Controller that includes Relays, Isolated Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, Event Counters, Digital Filter, Auto Report on input change facility and more. The Analog Inputs are based on an accurate 12bit converting system that includes 3 unipolar Voltage ranges and a standard 4-20mA Current range applicable on two channels. The Digital Inputs are Optically Isolated with an optional internal power source. As such, they support “Dry-Contact” and TTL inputs with a current input of 1.5mA. Externally powered option is supported too, with a voltage range of +/-4 to +/-30VDC. The inputs are divided into two groups, while each group may be set individually to internal or external power source. The IA-3146A8-E includes two kinds of relays. 4 SPDT relays and 12 SPST relays. All N.O. contacts are rated at 5Amp while the N.C. contacts are rated at 3Amp. All relays are Voltage Protected by Voltage Suppressors placed across each N.O. contact, in order to protect the relay contacts, to minimize the EMI/RFI switching noise and to significantly increase the products life time. The Event Counters inputs shares the last two Digital Inputs, offering the user a choice of Digital Input Monitoring or Event Counting use. Microsoft DOT.net Library, Open Source code examples and operation utilities are being attached to each card, to simplify and shorten its software implementation time. The IA-3146A8-EsP makes an excellent tool for Web monitoring and control of Factory Floor, Machines, Environment control systems and Home control.