USB Intelligent I/O Solution 10-Ch Isolated Digital Input 8-Ch SPST Relay

  • 8-ch SPST relays
  • 8-ch Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 2-ch Event Counter
  • 2-ch Isolated Interrupt Input
  • Internal IALogic
  • 5 to 48 Volt Input Range
  • USB Powered & Controlled
  • Dry & Wet Contact Input
  • Watchdog Protected
  • Simple Operation
  • Open Source Software Examples
  • Metal Enclosed Solution
  • Panel Mounted


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The IA-5215-U is an Intelligent Relay Controller, with a widened Commands set, and Internal IALogic, that is implemented into a tiny, Metal Enclosed, Panel mounted device. The IA-5215-U includes 8 SPST Relays, 8 Isolated Digital Inputs, 2 of them might be used as Event Counters and 2 Interrupt Inputs that may be used as additional Isolated Digital Inputs or as dedicated Interrupt Inputs. All Digital Input channels might be operated both by Dry-contact and by Wet-contact. The internal IALogic may be used to execute user programmable Logic tasks in addition to the host Real Time commands. The IA-2115-U is an Industrial Intelligent-Appliance Dry-Contact I/O module that may be used either for ordinary PC controlled applications or for stand-alone and Peer-to-Peer applications. Intelligent-Appliance experienced support team stands behind these new modules, ready to assist in case needed.