48 Channel SPDT Relay Controller TCP/IP Ethernet Controlled With Local Expansion, ready

  • 48-ch SPDT Relay
  • Ethernet/Web Controlled
  • Built-in Web Page
  • DHCP/Static IP modes
  • Virtual COM Control option
  • DOT.net Software Drivers
  • Series-3000 Software Compatible
  • Web Page or AT Configuration
  • Local Expansion Ready
  • DIN-Rail and Wall mounting ready


Delivery: Stock to 3wk

The IA-3155-E is an Industrial Grade TCP/IP SPDT Relay Controller, CE and FCC approved, ROHS compliant, most reliable module designed to operate on factory floor in harsh noisy EMI/RFI Environment. Its TCP/IP Ethernet port includes an onboard server and may be operated in DHCP mode or in a Static IP mode. The port configuration may be done by the built-in web page, by AT commands or by a software configuration utility. The IA-3155-E includes 48 SPDT Relays with a contact rating of 2Amp at 30VDC. MS Studio DOT.net Library, Open source code examples and immediate operation utilities enables fast system integration. The IA-3155-E Relay Controller ‘s Ethernet port, enables using it as a Web Controlled Relay board, Factory Floor, Building Control and Automatic Testing relay controller. The WD2, system watchdog, improves its system operations performance, enabling setting of relays state at communication failure occurrence, avoiding fatal factory floor damage in case of communication or host crisis.